Growth tunnel AKKORDEON

  • extendable ‘accordion’ tunnel, length can be individually adjusted
  • 6 metal arches with loops for additional fastening
  • quick assembly
  • simply squeeze together for watering plants
  • sophisticated, space-saving version of the growth tunnel
  • the cover makes for a growth-promoting microclimate
Art-Nr. Title
07093 Cover foil tunnel Akk.Easy & Fast 3x0,6x0,45m, 150my

Extendable, for the perfect length

The extendable tunnel is an ingenious, compact version of the growth tunnel, because the length can be individually adjusted, without laborious shortening or cutting. This has the advantage that assembly is faster and valuable saved time can be dedicated to caring for the plant. On the other hand, the accordion design ensures that the tunnel can be collapsed for watering. The cover supports the growth of the plants particularly well by creating a microclimate. 


Are you interested in Growth promoting?

Foils & fleeces promote plant growth and protect against the effects of the weather. They enable earlier sowing and harvesting thanks to a warming microclimate under the film. Flexible in use, they adapt to seasonal conditions and offer optimum protection for tender seedlings. From multifunctional tunnels for raised beds to individually adaptable covers, we offer everything to support and protect the growth of plants.