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Sheeting and fleeces

Are you wondering how you can avoid weeds? Very simple: with a weed fleece there is no chance of weeds breaking out. This saves you the trouble of weeding and avoids the use of chemicals.

A growth fleece offers protection against frost, snow, hail and sun and can create a microclimate that promotes faster plant growth and a high-yielding harvest. On top of this, a garden fleece also provides protection against pests so that you can harvest the fruits of your labour in peace.

Even when it comes to stabilising the soil, slope mats, separating fleece, underbody fabric and sandbox fleece can help.

Stabilizing the soil

For a professional ground preparation to ensure the success of your landscaping projects.

Pegs & fastening cord

Secure fastening for sheeting and fleeces for an optimum use.

Composting aids

Transform kitchen and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Multipurpose films

Tear-resistant, dust- and waterproof films offer a wide range of applications around the home and garden.

Sustainable products

Eco-friendly fleeces - Greenline products are great for plants and the environment.

Weed prevention

Simple weed prevention - chemical-free and effective.

Growth promoting

For a microclimate that promotes growth and a high-yield harvest.