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Pest control

Once the car is parked, the lawn is mowed, the garden is nicely arranged, the pantry is filled, relaxation can begin. Unless, right now, a new molehill spoils the mood, snails are raiding the salad, a mouse is eating the most delicious cheese, a marten is paralysing the car and pigeons are cooing on the roof!

Prevention and control of pests.

To prevent mice, rats, pigeons, moles or other pests from spreading in the first place, you will find a wide range of products to prevent pests here. And if the uninvited guests are already here, there are various solutions for pest control around the house & garden.

Voles and moles

With decades of experience, our product range offers effective solutions for repelling moles and voles.

Flying insects

Flies and mosquitoes can be a nuisance indoors and outdoors. Light traps and fly swatters offer a remedy, dummy wasps keep wasps away and special insect ...

House protection

Protect light wells, gutters, and downspouts from leaves and debris effectively! Gutter guards prevent clogs and simplify cleaning. Light well covers keep ...

Dogs, cats and martens

Dogs and cats are popular pets, but can cause damage to the house and garden. Martens also often cause a lot of damage. We offer effective solutions for ...

Pest control

No more unwelcome guests! Effective solutions against mites and bugs for a comfortable home - enjoy your four walls undisturbed.

Mice and rats

Mice & rats in the house or shed are annoying and unhygienic. Protect your home with effective solutions: Ultrasonic devices, mouse traps and animal-friendly ...

Snails, ants and spiders

To ensure that crawling insects don't stand a chance, there is a wide range of products to repel or catch them.

Birds and pigeons

Discover effective bird and pigeon repellents: an owl with bobble head, reflectors and complete sets with spikes protect your crops and windowsills.