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Voles and moles

Nothing is as annoying as the destruction of your own garden. Especially with lovingly tended lawns, molehills are particularly visible. Even voles tunnels, which are usually quite close to the surface, are visible – moreover, voles also like to eat roots and thus destroy plants.

Decades of experience in driving away moles.

The Mole Stop 1000 was the first product that Windhager brought onto the market – and is still successful, because: it works! In the meantime, the product range offers a wide variety of possibilities for mole control and the control of voles.

220/9V adapter plug ACCESSORIES

Digger & probing rod VOLE TRAP ACCESSORIES

Extension cable for mole power supply units ACCESSORIES


Positioning plates for vole trap CLAW

Solar charger ACCESSORIES

Vole & mole repeller ALUMINIUM

Vole & mole repeller CLASSIC

Vole & mole repeller MOLE STOP 1000

Vole & mole repeller MOLE STOP SOLAR

Vole & mole repeller PREMIUM

Vole & mole repeller SOLAR

Vole grille

Vole trap BRACKET

Vole trap CLAW

Vole trap PREDATOR

Vole trap TUBE

Vole trap Track and Catch

Vole trap VOLE-AWAY

Vole traps CLASSIC

Vole traps STANDARD