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Special fabrics

Our special fabrics perfectly complement our product portfolio in the area of fly screens and insect protection: because sometimes it just has to be more than that!

For example, the fly screens in our insect protection doors and windows can be replaced by a pollen protection fabric – this filters some of the pollen from the air and can thus prevent dripping noses & reddened eyes. For carefree ventilation in every sense of the word. Anyone who has cats or dogs also knows that fly screens can sometimes be very damaging and do not necessarily last long. Especially for this purpose, there are fly screens with claw protection for insect protection doors – much more resistant and therefore longer lasting.

And because mosquitoes are not only at home, you will find a practical mosquito net that you can attach directly above the bed: at home and on holiday!

Claw protection

When your dearest animal sees you and jumps and scratches out of joy, it often leaves marks on the furniture. Not so with your insect screen door – it ...

Mosquito protection

Sleep-saving for lovers of exotic travel, ideal for a touch of colonial flair in your own four walls – the Mosquito Net.

Pollen protection

A boon for all pollen sufferers – with the fine protection at the window, the night will finally be as it should be: restful and revitalising.

Sun protection

The sun protection products of the Windhager COOL series not only make your home an insect-free zone, but also protect against the sun and excessive heating ...