Planting and ground sheet with fleece

  • Handy work underlay for planting and potting
  • robust, water-resistant PE fabric
  • superior ground protection thanks to fleece on the back, dual seams
  • four handles at the corners for simple emptying of the planting mat
  • edges can be folded up and fixed with push buttons
Art-Nr. Title
07475 Planting and ground sheet 150x100cm

Underlay for clean planting and potting

Windhager’s ground sheet allows planting work to be done even if space is restricted, simultaneously protecting the ground from contamination. This robust and water-resistant planting mat is simply spread out on the ground; the edges can be folded up and fixed with push buttons to make sure nothing is lost. This generous 150 x 100 cm work sheet offers enough space and allows for working in comfort. The fleece on the back additionally protects the ground. Four handles at the corners facilitate emptying it afterwards. After use, the planting mat can be folded up and stored without taking up much space.


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