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Animals in the garden

Pleased guests: blue tits, robins, squirrels, hedgehogs etc.

An animal visit to your own garden can be a great pleasure: Watching blue tits feeding or the good feeling of having given a hedgehog a hibernation place.

As a result of ever more dense development and more intensive agricultural use of green areas, many animals find it difficult to find sufficient food and shelter. Not only birds, but also beneficial insects such as ladybirds and wild bees are affected. For this reason, feeding sites, drinking facilities and roosting and nesting places are gratefully accepted all year round. Our bird houses, feeding silos, nesting places and insect hotels are ideal for this.

Insect hotels

If you are looking for an unusual eye-catcher for your garden, you have found just the right thing. And you also help protect beneficial insects and decimate ...

Nesting boxes

Bringing up feathered offspring is a bit tricky. At first, a sheltered spot has to be found in which the baby bird can grow into a healthy blackbird with ...

Mammals and rodents

Squirrels and hedgehogs quite happily accept a little care and attention in the form of shelter and food. You can enjoy the company of the animals whilst ...

Bird feeders

The indigenous bird population benefits immensely from a feeding place that is replenished all throughout the year - not just in winter. A silo offers ...

Bird houses

Known as the classic amongst birds – the bird house. Once discovered, it is visited regularly and gratefully relieved of its food. All the bird lover has ...

Bird bath

Birds appreciate a clean source of water, especially on hot days. The bird bath can be used as a feeder in the winter.

Windhager Kids

Funny and colorful birdhouses and nesting boxes. Be creativ and design your birdhouse as you want.