Privacy screen mat RAFFIA

  • durable plastic in a woven bast look
  • light and subtle
  • particularly sturdy and durable
  • weatherproof
  • excellently opaque
Art-Nr. Title View variant
06534 Privacy screen Raffia 90x300cm brown View
06535 Privacy screen Raffia 120x300cm View
06536 Privacy screen Raffia 150x300cm brown View
06537 Privacy screen Raffia 90x300cm green View
06538 Privacy screen Raffia 120x300cm green View
06539 Privacy screen Raffia 150x300cm green View

Prying eyes have no chance!
This privacy mat is very tightly woven, which guarantees almost 100% protection against prying eyes from neighbours. The durable plastic in a woven bast look is not only a reliable weatherproof privacy screen, but also keeps out unpleasant gusts of wind. Available in different colours and sizes.