Would you like to design your garden? Here you will find the right products for garden and terrace! From G for growth to W for winter protection, Windhager products accompany your garden through every season. This is what a beautiful garden looks like. No matter whether you already have concrete garden ideas or are still looking for inspiration, our gardening aids and products in the garden design section will help you to fulfil your garden dream. Planting rods, trellises, lawn edges and all other decorative and auxiliary articles are available in various sizes, suitable for garden design in small spaces as well as for parks. Vegetable garden for self-catering. In addition to the beauty of the garden, the focus is naturally also on the economic yield. Here, seed trays, greenhouses, insect protection nets, plant binders and rain gauges are the perfect partners for the efficient management of kitchen gardens. Animal diversity in the garden. Aviaries, feeding places for birds, hedgehogs and squirrels, nesting boxes and insect hotels encourage a wide variety of animals to visit your garden. And if you want to protect your garden from prying eyes from outside, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our wide range of privacy screens.