Bird feeder "View"

  • modern bird food silo
  • durable metal construction
  • easy refilling through the removable rood
  • easy cleaning with hot water
  • weather-resistant
  • comes with a coated steel rope with loop
  • filling quantity approx. 1.5 l
Art-Nr. Title
07015 Bird feeder View

No bird will pass this simply-designed house without a stopover. Particularly not if it is filled to the brim with delicious seeds. The fodder distribution takes place on all four sides.

The clear body gives you complete control of the filling level of the fodder container. The removable flat roof ensures the bird house is easy to fill. In addition, the flat metal surface ensures easy cleaning.

With the provided metal cord, there is nothing stood in the way of quickly attaching it to your tree or bush.

Are you interested in Bird feeders?

Native wild birds are not only happy to be fed in winter, but benefit all year round from a feeding station where they can reliably find food again and again. A bird feeder has the advantage that the food remains clean, as it separates the food from the perching area. This means that the birds cannot do their business in the food and always find a clean feeding place. The silos are available in a wide variety of versions and designs.