XXL mono-pitch roof bird feeder

  • contemporary design
  • offers particularly large birdseed capacity
  • the pitch roof can be removed for refilling
  • fill capacity approx. 6 litres
  • hygienic silo design
Art-Nr. Title
05364 Bird feeder XL mono-pitch roof

Spacious bird feeder in contemporary design
With its subtle design the Windhager bird feeder blends into contemporary surroundings very well. It can be suspended or simply put upright. It is designed in such a way that it won't fall over. It’s bulletproof! However, you should make sure that its location is protected from cats, martens and other sources of danger.
It’s also incredibly easy to use: To refill the feeder or clean it, simply remove its large, slanted roof. A glass window helps you check the fill level in an instant. Holes in the floor make sure that water can drain.

Smart, thought-out bird feeding station
This bird house’s unusual shape is due to its function – it maximises its space and can be filled with a lot of birdseed. Thanks to its glass window its entire interior can be filled and it guarantees that the seed is protected from contamination. Despite maximised space utilisation the birds have enough space to enjoy their meal in comfort. 

Setup tips:The bird feeder should offer the birds tranquillity and security and protect them from cats and martens. Other helpful aspects are protection from rain and heat as well as ample distance from glass panes. Shrubs and bushes in the vicinity help the birds observe the feeder before approaching it and offer (some) protection from birds of prey.


Are you interested in Bird feeders?

Native wild birds are not only happy to be fed in winter, but benefit all year round from a feeding station where they can reliably find food again and again. A bird feeder has the advantage that the food remains clean, as it separates the food from the perching area. This means that the birds cannot do their business in the food and always find a clean feeding place. The silos are available in a wide variety of versions and designs.