Heating hose

  • frost protection heating cable made of plastic, insulated
  • heating cable is wrapped around the plant pot
  • can be used for hibernation - protects plants sensitive to cold from frostbite
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use in protected areas
  • dimensions: heating hose 6 m, supply line 2 m
Art-Nr. Title
05942 Heating hose 36W 6m

Cold protection for tropical plants

To safely overwinter sensitive potted plants such as palm trees, it makes perfect sense to use a heating cable. The heating cable is wrapped around the plant pot several times and gives off constant heat. The heating is particularly effective under an insulating winter protection mat made of coconut or sheep's wool, or under an insulating casing for pots. Placed at a sheltered place (garage, winter protection tent, greenhouse, bright garden shed) the plant will get through the winter without frostbite.


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Our overwintering aids allow your plants to shine even in the cold season: Heating mats promote germination and growth and protect sensitive roots from the cold. Heating hoses keep cold-sensitive plants and crops warm, while pot bases offer additional protection. Winter protection tents are ideal for overwintering potted plants and create a comfortable microclimate. With our practical overwintering aids, your garden will stay alive and healthy even in winter.