Electric fly swatter Accu Comfort

  • ELECTRIC FLY SWATTER - Effective against flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps
  • EASY ELIMINATION OF FLYING INSECTS - Kills with an electric shock with just one touch
  • INTEGRATED BATTERY - Rechargeable with a standard USB cable (not included)
  • COMPACT FOLDABLE DESIGN - Perfect to be taken with you in the garden or on excursions
  • SIMPLE HANDLING - The fly swatter only needs to be switched on to be used
Art-Nr. Title
03528 Mosquito/Fly swatter, rechargeable

Electric fly swatter with integrated battery

Flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps can be quite annoying. They are mostly unwanted guests, especially in living rooms or while eating. With the ACCU COMFORT electric fly swatter, you will no longer have to chase them around waiting for them to land somewhere. The insects are killed with just one touch of the electrically operated fly swatter - without poisons and chemicals. The tension wire grid is electrically charged and gives a small electric shock when it comes into contact with an insect. The flying insects are killed immediately by this impact. The handle can be easily folded down. When folded, the fly swatter can be easily stowed away or taken along on the move. The fly swatter does not take up much space in the bag or backpack and is the perfect companion for fishing, camping and co.

How it works

The electric fly swatter can be charged with a standard USB cable (not included in the scope of delivery) at the lower end of the handle. If the integrated battery is charged, the fly swatter is ready for use. The insect killer can be switched on and off on the side of the handle. Once you have aimed at an insect, all you have to do is touch it with the activated fly swatter - the flying insect will be hit by the loaded grid. 

Safety note:Do not touch the grid directly when it is switched on!


Are you interested in Flying insects?

Who does not know it – spring is finally here, but the warm temperatures are not the only thing coming back, so do all kinds of flying insects. As soon as you sit down at the table in the garden, the wasps come, attracted by food or drink. If you sit indoors, flies and mosquitoes buzz around you.

It’s a good thing that there are solutions for both indoors and outdoors to protect yourself from these insects! Light traps and fly swats help against many flying insects. A wasp nest dummy scares off wasps from the outset and various wasp and fly traps lure the insects away from the dining table. And since there are many useful insects, many of our traps, when used correctly, offer the opportunity to protect important insects such as bees and butterflies: for example, light traps should only be used indoors and a little vinegar should be added to wasp traps.