Suspension feather assembly set

  • Accessories for PLUS and EXPERT window frames
  • for no drill window frame mounting
  • for blind frame strengths of 5-35 mm
  • suitable for rented accommodation
  • comes with practical bending aid with graduation markings
  • Complete 11-pt. set incl. mounting material
Art-Nr. Title
03651 Suspension spring mounting-set

"For hassle-free insect protection mounting - flexibility guaranteed

The practical mounting set is the ideal accessory for your window frames, as it makes bending suspension springs so easy. Fits with all PLUS and EXPERT products.

No drill holes on the window frame necessary, thus ideally-suited for rented accommodation. Suspension fixtures ensure easy mounting of your insect protection window, meaning the insect protection can be easily removed at any time. We’ll also include the necessary bending aid in your delivery. A continuous scale ensures exact measuring and enables precise bending  by the millimetre. Insert both ends of the spring in the slide and bend them into shape. Ideal for frame strengths of 5 to 35 mm."


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