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Sleep better without annoying mosquito bites at night

Balcony and patio doors are a unique challenge for insect protection solutions. It's good that Windhager has a wide range of products that make (almost) every door mosquito-proof. Door curtains are quickly attached and ready for use, fly screen framed doors can be conveniently opened and closed by themselves, sliding and pleated doors look particularly elegant with double doors, and the roller blind door quickly disappears into the frame when it is not needed.

Fly screen slat curtains

Our vertical blinds fulfil their purpose perfectly – and only when it really makes sense – in summer. For this reason, they are very easy to install and ...

Tenter frame doors

Take an insect screen door complete set, add a good craftsman and a little bit of time. The result will bring joy to all those who do not want itching ...

Swing door

Opens in both directions

Roller blind

Our roller blinds leave no gap for the mosquito. Practical and comfortable – open when you need it, if not – closed in a flash!

Pleated door

You want to protect your loved ones from annoying buzzing noises and painful insect bites and find a solution that is both friendly to the environment ...

Sliding door

Long-lasting insect protection solution, ideal for large (double) doors, for example


Because high-quality insect screen should last a long time, here are accessories and individual parts – in case something changes or you want to repair ...



Discover the ideal insect screen solution for your doors: whether through easy installation, ultra-thin frames or simple handling - with this overview you can directly compare the key features of our extensive product range.

Product category consisting partly or entirely of drill-free products - ideal for rented flats

Product category with pleated insect screen fabric.
Product closes by itself, whether opened inwards or outwards.
Product closes automatically after opening.