Hedgehog house

Art.Nr.: 06042

  • Safe winter and hibernating quarters for hedgehogs
  • a partition wall protects them from cats and other intruders
  • made from untreated wood, roof covered in roofing felt
  • easy-to-clean thanks to detachable roof


Allow hedgehogs to hibernate in your garden, safely and in comfort
Windhager’s hedgehog house was specially designed as a hibernation den and provides an ideal shelter for these useful visitors to our gardens. The house is made from untreated wood and perfectly blends into your garden. Covered in roof felt, the roof is particularly weather-resistant and can be opened easily for cleaning. Choose a quiet location protected from direct sunlight (e.g. below hedges or bushes). A special partition wall between entrance and sleeping area protects the hedgehog from cats and other intruders.

Hedgehog house tips
Set the house up in the spring and fill it with dry leaves, straw or hay. In September the hedgehogs in your garden will start preparing for winter and build up a nice layer of fat. For the sake of the hedgehogs, refrain from using snail toxins and other toxic pesticides. Hedgehogs go into hibernation in about late October and should not be disturbed after that. The house should remain in its spot until May.