Bird bath for bird feeder

Art.Nr.: 07441

  • Bird bath for Windhager bird feeder (07440)
  • Mount made from weatherproof steel powder-coated in black
  • Water tray made from opaque plastic
  • easy-to-clean
  • additional accessories available


Birds need more than just food
This bird bath is an ideal upgrade to your Windhager bird feeder (07440) – for birds not only need food but also help finding water during long dry spells. Insects will also love this opportunity to refresh themselves.
Thanks to its spiral system the bird bath can be easily placed wherever it is needed.

The bird feeding station…
…can be arranged individually. A dual hanging system that is attached to the top of the rod is already included. Also included are another single hanger for feeders as well as a rectangular food basket. The latter is especially well suited for mealworms, among others.  The hanging system is compatible with a number of different Windhager feeder columns.