Vole trap PREDATOR

Quick vole defence results.

Like a lurking predator, this trap waits in the ground to grab the vole with its extremely powerful mechanism at the most gentle touch. Nibbled vegetables and roots, delicacies for voles, as well as wave-like damaged lawns are soon things of the past.

Tipp: Voles have an extremely good sense of smell. Always wear gloves to prevent the trap from taking on human scent.


Close all holes and inspect them after about 3 hours. Holes that are now open again are located along one of the main tunnels which can be up to one kilometre long. Use a probing rod to locate subterranean vole tunnels. No resistance when inserting the rod tells you that you have located one of the meandering vole tunnels. You should insert the trap at this spot. Remove the turf and insert the transparent tunnel some 5 cm deep into the ground in the voles’ travelling direction. This prevents the trap from accidentally being covered in earth when closing it. Place a bait – an apple or carrot piece – in the centre and insert the PREDATOR into the hole in the middle. Cover the tunnel with the turf. You may leave a little area in the centre – voles are very orderly animals and will come back soon to repair the main tunnel. Activate trap by pulling on the handle. Inspect the trap a few hours later – with a bit of luck, you have already caught a mouse.

Handy accessories: Probing rod with digger, marking flags.

Vole trap PREDATOR



  • efficiently catch voles in both tunnel directions without any previous knowledge or effort
  • innovation: Tunnel stabilisation transparent
  • success discretely indicated by retracted handle, without having to dig trap out
  • bait placement possible
  • extremely powerful, robust and long-lasting
  • easy to activate, quick installation, harmless application


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