Ant stop POWDER

Effective ant defence for your home.

Goodbye ants! Keep your deck, winter garden and balcony free from ants with Ant stop. Effectively protect your plants using this odourless special powder. For safe defence against ants, ticks, woodlice, silverfish, mites, fleas and other crawling pests.

Fast and effective ant defence with Ant stop.

The powder can remain effective for up to 6 weeks, providing long-lasting relief from these pests. Directly apply the powder to the ant hills and their trails. Ants eat the powder and die. For safe use in your house and garden, on your deck, paths and winter garden.

Function: dehydrating effect works on all crawling insects – harmless to bees!

Note: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Register no. D: N-72426  

Recommendation: Please keep out of reach for children. Harmless to pets.

Ant stop POWDER



  • fast and effective ant defence
  • keep ants away from your deck, balcony or winter garden
  • always within reach and ready for use
  • odourless
  • contains diatom earth
  • lasts for up to 6 weeks


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