Bird & pigeon repeller

Finally free from pigeons and undesirable contamination.

A fast and effective solution to repel pigeons and other bird species. The modular click system enables you to adapt to local conditions incredibly easily, without having to saw. Flexi-Click not only prevents pigeons and other birds from making excessive noises, but it also prevents these flying animals from contaminating your property.

The spikes reliably prevent them from landing and nesting. Using additional sets, this control system can be extended easily according to your requirements, while its slim construction allows it to be attached to many joists and every window sill and all places where birds like to rest. Basic set from high-quality plastic enables up to 1 m protection by means of 18 modular plates 55 mm in length each. Every module consists of 36 spikes, an end and five floor caps.

Application: The Flexi-Click system is installed quickly and easily by means of screws, nails or glue (e.g. double-sided adhesive tape).

Note : Depending on the size of the area, it is recommended to also purchase the pigeon control Flexi-Click Base Module Spikes (item no. 07121) as well as the pigeon control system Flexi-Click Spikes (item no. 07122). Per module, you can hook up up to 6 spikes.

Bird & pigeon repeller



  • reliably repels pigeons and other birds
  • basic set made from high-quality plastic
  • individually extendible
  • can be used permanently
  • spike height: approx. 11 cm
  • including fastening material: screws and anchor


07120 9003117071209 AT, DE, CH, FR, CEE 55 x 1020 x 110 mm anthracite 0,25 kg
07121 9003117071216 AT, DE, CH, FR, CEE 55 x 845 x 110 mm anthracite 0,18 kg
07122 9003117071223 AT, DE, CH, FR, CEE 110 mm galvanized