Dummy wasps’ nest WASP FRIGHTEN

The most natural way to repel wasps!
Wasps are strategically repelled through imitating an unknown nest. Intruding in same-species territory is strictly avoided. This means you will be able to lean back in peace and move around your garden without a care.

You will also protect other humans and animals from chemical repellents. The soft fleece bag can quickly be filled with stuffing and naturally moulded into shape.
Dummy wasps’ nest WASP FRIGHTEN



  • ​animal-friendly wasp repeller without use of chemicals
  • wasps avoid perceived foreign nests
  • for an undisturbed time in your garden and/ or terrace
  • material with imitation-nest-print, cord and hanger
  • simply unpack and stuff with leftover fabric or paper (not contained in delivery)


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