Flying insect zapper & lamps

Buzz, buzz, buzz? Oh, buzz off!
Insects will feel attracted to this beautifully-designed and warmly-glowing LED lamp. Contained within a common lamp shade, there are two different modes: one which kills insects when the light is on, and one which exterminates without light.

The lamp comes highly recommended due to its natural function method. It does not use any chemicals or poison, making it particularly well-suited for use inside (even children’s bedrooms).
Flying insect zapper & lamps



  • light trap for catching flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, moths and wasps
  • practical 2in1 solution: lights and kills or just kills
  • gives off a warm LED light (9 W light or 1 W insect light)
  • exclusively for inside use
  • poison and chemical free


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