Ultra-flat window

It’s that easy to keep the insects at bay.
Gone are the times when you had to hide behind closed windows or chase down the annoying pests. From now on, you can breathe easy. With the new ultra-flat insect protection screen for split-level windows with its tried and tested DIY construction method, Windhager can offer kit which takes small installation depths into account. This makes it ideal for those windows where there isn’t much room.

The feather-light aluminium frame can be easily mounted and demounted, if required (e.g. for cleaning). Ideal for rental apartments, as the window frame stays intact. Attachment is via 12 suspension springs, which ensure a strong hold on the window frame. A UV and weather-resistant product with rip-proof fibre glass material.

There is a solution for every problem.
For a safe feeling in one’s own four walls. Why make life unnecessarily hard?

Available in white and anthracite.
Ultra-flat window



  • ideal for split-level windows with narrowly-fitted shutters
  • small installation depth of only 4.3 mm
  • individually shortenable aluminium frame with plastic corners
  • screwed handle leashes for easy dismantling
  • no sawing and no drilling needed for the window frame
  • ready-assembled
  • mounting spring for hanging
  • rip-proof fibre glass material
  • UV and weatherproof
  • available in two sizes and colours


article number EAN Code sales area size color
03957 9003117039575   0,43 x 100 x 120 cm white
03967 9003117039674 FR 0,43 x 100 x 120 cm anthracite
03970 9003117039704 FR 0,43 x 120 x 150 cm white
03971 9003117039711 FR 0,43 x 120 x 150 cm anthracite