Bird house "Arlberg"

Perfect bird house for granivores and soft food eaters during the bare season.

Blackbirds and common chiffchaffs are friendly and welcome guests. This bird house is made in the EU from weatherproof, dark solid wood and stands out with its classic look. It is equipped with perches on both sides and thanks to its lack of walls, you can inspect the food level effortlessly at any time.


Filled with suitable bird food from the side. Perfect for birds are, among others, ready-made mixed grains, sun flower seeds, oats, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, linseeds or so-called fat-block bird food to also attract soft food eaters such as blackbirds, mockingbirds, robins and wrens. The bird house is equipped with a handy suspension cord to facilitate installation.

Let your winged friends enchant you.

Various domestic bird species will thank you and upgrade your garden and balcony with their lovely plumage. Thus, you can observe their behaviour, listen to their songs and enjoy their magnificent colours from the comfort of your house.

Bird house "Arlberg"