Bird feeder "K2"

Blackbirds and common chiffchaffs are friendly and welcome guests.

A pretty bird feeder to feed even the smallest birds in the bare season. This bird house is made in the EU from weatherproof solid wood and stands out with its classic, planed look. The feeder is available in nine different colour combinations. Its outstanding feature is its hygienic silo construction. Equipped with a round perch on the front and a large glass window for easy food supply inspection. The product was made in and its raw materials sourced from the EU.


This feeder is filled with suitable bird food such as ready-made mixes and sun flower seeds through the detachable roof. The bird feeder is equipped with a handy wire bracket to facilitate installation.

Taking a look outside your window pays off.

Preserve habitats and protect endangered bird species. Various domestic bird species will thank you and upgrade your garden and balcony with their lovely plumage. Thus, you can observe their behaviour, listen to their songs and enjoy their magnificent colours from the comfort of your house.

Bird feeder "K2"



  • made from solid wood
  • hygienic silo construction
  • nine different colour combinations (sorted)
  • includes wire bracket
  • made in and source materials sourced from the EU
  • filling quantity approx. 1 l


article number EAN Code sales area size color
06935 9003117069350 AT, DE, CH, FR, CEE 14 x 9 x 31 cm assorted