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How do I correctly measure my windows?

Always measure the inner dimensions of a window or door opening (distance from frame to frame)

How do I correctly measure my jamb?

Measure the distance between the inner wall edges of a window/door opening (wall-to-wall distance).

How much space does the insect screen window need between the casing of the blinds and the window frame?

A minimum distance of 12 mm is required to assemble an insect screen window between a window frame and casing of the blinds. A minimum distance of 16 mm is required to assemble an insect screen door between a door frame and casing of the blinds.

Can I individually adjust insect screen frames to fit my window dimensions?

Yes, our insect screen frames can be individually tailored using a saw. Please pay attention to the enclosed assembly instructions.

What do I have to pay attention to when fixing the insect screen with retaining splines?

  • Do not tighten any further. The insect screen must not be further tightened when fixing to the retaining splines. The insect screen will tighten of its own accord during the process. If it is tightened beyond that, the frame can warp out of shape.
  • Fix in a parallel direction. We recommend first fixing both longitudinal profiles, and then both cross profiles.
  • Fix at room temperature. The insect screen can be best fixed at room temperature.

How do I ensure that the insect screen frame is as stable as possible?

An innovative aluminium connector set is available as an accessory. The patented clamping-screw connection allows a highly stable connection to the mitred frame section (45°). Use a mitre box to achieve an exact cut.

How can a perfect right angle be checked with a measuring tape?

Measure both diagonals. If they are of the same length, your insect screen door is in a perfect right angle.

How far can I shorten a retractable screen?

A retractable window can be shortened down to a 60 cm panel lenght and a door screen can be shortened down to a 70 cm panel length. For smaller widths, the torsion spring would have to be removed and shortened in order to guarantee continued functionality.

Can I assemble the insect screen window flush with the window frame?

Yes, the spring pin accessory can be used to fasten the tenter frame flush with the inner window embrasure.

What is the best place to set up my mole stop?

What is the best place to set up my mole stop?
The best place for a mole stop is in proximity to the nest. To find out the location of the vole or mole nest, conducting a molehill test is recommended: locate the burrows with a thin rod and uncover them up to a length of approx. 30 cm. The nest is most likely located near those areas which are first closed again by the mole or vole. It is usually  built in quiet garden areas (quiet niches, near fruit trees, compost heaps ect.).


Hint: mind the respective regional or national regulations, provisions and laws. Moles may be under special protection – this is regulated in hunting legislation. Please contact your local authorities if unclear.

Does the mole stop put the fish in my garden pond at risk?

No. The subsonic vibrations generated by the device are propagated in the water in weakened form or not at all. Therefore no harm to fish or other creatures living in the garden pond is to be expected. The effectiveness of mole stops is however considerably weakened near ponds.

Does the soil texture influence the effect of mole stops?

Yes. Loose soil impedes the propagation of the subsonic vibrations and therefore reduces its effectiveness. Never stick the device into loose soil (i.e. vegetable patch) or earth holes – the earth screw has to be screwed into earth as dense as possible. You can water the soil beforehand to facilitate insertion of the screw into the soil.

What can affect the effectiveness of the mole stop?

Walls, foundations, swimming pools, garden ponds etc. impede the propagation of the subsonic vibrations, so-called "acoustic shadows" are the result. Therefore pay special attention to the surrounding areas before setting up the mole stop.

Can I also leave the mole stop in operation in winter?

Yes. Voles are also very active in winter and cause considerable damage during that time of year. Therefore also leave the device switched on in winter if you can observe any activity by the presence of molehills. The device can be covered with a bucket to protect it from frost.

How can I increase the effectiveness of the mole stop?

If your garden soil is pretty loose and your mole stop device operates with a solar panel or batteries, a 230V adapter for power supply (higher intensity due to higher initial voltage) could do the trick. The output of batteries is reduced especially by the cold. The suitable adapter is available in our web shop.

What is the range of mole stop devices?

Mole Stop 1000 and Mole Stop Solar have a range of up to 1000 m² – the more dense the soil, the larger the range.

Which batteries should be used?

Standard alkali batteries (4 x 1.5 V Alkaline Baby-LR14-C). We recommend using branded batteries - weak carbon-zinc batteries are not recommended.

How can I optimize the effectiveness of the ant bait container?

The bait container is to be placed in direct proximity to ant nests or directly on ant paths. We recommend placing at least two bait containers for larger ant nests. Regularly check all bait containers and replace if empty. Always remove bait containers before cleaning - the containers have to be protected from humidity. One bait container per area of 5 m² is recommended.

My pet has bitten open an ant bait container - do I have to worry?

No - if your pet has bitten open a Windhager ant bait container, there's nothing to worry about. The effect of the active ingredient on mammals - and therefore on most pets - is extremely small. The agent used is less toxic than i.e. table salt.

Does the nesting box have to be cleaned?

Empty the nest box always before the breeding season in spring. During the winter, let the old nest in the nest box to other residents as small rodents overwintering to facilitate. If very dirty you can rinse the nest box with hot water.

How should the location of the nesting box selected?

The location for your nest box should be protected from wind and rain if possible. You should attach the nest box at a height of several meters. Ideal is a location in or near a forest, or where birds can see the nest box well from a safe point (f.e. a not too dense hedge or trees).

Absorbed sure that the nest box for cats, raccoon or squirrel is possible difficulties accessing. Nest predators are also the reason why original Windhager nesting boxes have no perch because it this rod also makes these animals easier to get to the eggs or young birds.

For which the insects different fillings are suitable in the insect hotels?

The different-sized holes in hardwood block mimic beetle feeding tunnels in dead wood, used by certain bee and wasp species as a breeding caves. The reed stems are used by wild bees and wasps grave as hatcheries. In the interstices of the stems can find z. B. earwigs during the day shelter.

Open the sealed holes and reeds on immediately and have your Insect hotel in its place even during the winter. The insects make in the next Spring itself for cleaning their caves.

It is very important that your insect hotel does not get wet, because otherwise you can get moldy brood.

What insect hotels up?

Insects are an indispensable part of the ecological cycle. Many wear as pollinators for pollination of flowering plants, and secure as well as the income of z. B. fruit trees and berry bushes. Of particular importance here are the wild bees, as they do the majority of pollination. The wild bees are all the bees with Except for the honey bee (in Europe more than 1,000 different types).

How can you support the pollinating insects?

You can help with applications of artificial nests as insects Hotels from Windhager. Design your garden as natural as possible and offer matching food supply by planting herbs or let wildflowers grow.

For which birds are the Windhager nesting boxes suitable for?

The diameter of the air hole is decisive which species will nest in your birdhouse.

We offer our nesting box in three different versions:

  • The 28 mm entrance hole is e.g. suitable for blues, hoods or coal tit.
    (Nestbox "Birdy" or "3 in 1")
  • The 33 mm entrance hole is e.g. suitable for nuthatch, great tit or Redstart.
    (Nestbox "Family" or "3 in 1")
  • Our nestbox "3 in 1" also offers for half-cavity nesters e.g. Wren, Pied Wagtail or Robins Place
    (For that, remove the front panel)









What is the maximum sail width, excluding seams, for made-to-measure sun sails?

140 cm, if the made-to-measure sun sail is to be designed wider, two panels have to be sewn together.

What is the maximum sail height?

In general, sails can be made in any height. We recommend, however, dividing the sails with a size of 5 m² upwards .

What shapes can made-to-measure sun sails take?

Only rectangular sails are available. If you require a triangular sail, we recommend the Windhager SunSail Adria. This is only available in fixed sizes and cannot be purchased made-to-measure.

What accessories are required for a made-to-measure sun sail?

The company Windhager offers different assembly sets for sun-sails (i.e. rope-pull system assembly set, conservatory assembly set). Further accessories such as barrel hooks (recommended every 30 cm), stainless steel ropes or gathering tape are available if required. Visit our web shop to get a good overview of our product range.

Is the sun sail water-proof?

The sun sail is water-repellent but not water-proof. Water-proof sun sails run the risk of filling with water and thus endangering the people underneath.

Does the sun sail provide protection from UV radiation?

Windhager sun sails filter approx. 90 % of the dangerous UV radiation. The use of sun cremes is, however, still recommended,  even in the shade.

How can I clean the sun sails?

Due to the special structure of the fabric, Windhager sun sails should only be washed by hand in warm water (up to 40° C).

Where can I mount the sun sails?

The sun sails must be mounted on stable constructions. These must additionally be reinforced, if necessary.  Visit our web shop to get a comprehensive overview of suitable Windhager accessories (i.e. fixing eyelets or ring bolts).