Trust our name

Trust our name


Focus on greatness

The name Windhager stands for competence, creative, market-oriented product innovations and international growth. We offer the capacities of a large group through continuous expansion of our product range, upgrading of our storage areas and an above-average sales volume. But we still commit to flexibility in catering to special customer requirements at all times. Increasing turnover and the corresponding demand confirm our conviction that only solution-oriented cooperation with our business partners and quick adaptation to trends and the needs of end consumers will guarantee an optimal price-quality ratio and maintain our success for years to come.


Windhager celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013. We also owe this to you –  our customers, suppliers, employees and friends - without your cooperation, reliability, commitment and trust we would not be where we are today – one the road to a successful future.

Product range

Our products encourage the beauty and natural diversity of your garden and increase economic yields. Windhager products also contribute to a more comfortable life around the house and on the patio. To this purpose, we offer the following product ranges: insect stops, pest control, sun and privacy screens and gardening accessories.



Windhager Facts

  • Established: 1983
  • Core business: sale of insect stops, pest control, sun and privacy screens, gardening accessories
  • 3 subsidiaries: Windhager Schweiz AG (since 1986), Windhager Deutschland (since 1986), Windhager France S.arl. (since 1987)
  • Turnover Windhager Group: The turnover of the entire Windhager Group has grown from €41,000,000 to €90,000,000 in 2017
  • Total no. of employees: 215 (as at Jan 2017)
  • Export quota: 78%, to 25 European countries
  • Product range: insect stops, pest control, sun and privacy screens and gardening accessories