Fly trap for windows TRANSPARENT

Environmentally friendly glue trap to fight annoying flies.

This simple yet proven fly trap is entirely made from natural glue. Using a slim adhesive strip on the back, the transparent glue trap is attached to the window pane behind drapes or flower pots. Annoyingly buzzing insects flying up and down the window pane get stuck on the glue trap.

Simple use, strong effect: Remove red protective strip on the back. Position glue trap in the lower area of your window pane, behind flower pots and drapes and firmly press it onto the pane.

Fly trap for windows TRANSPARENT



  • Strongly adhesive natural glue
  • Simple attachment to window pane using slim adhesive strip on the back
  • Can be removed without leaving residue after 6 to 8 weeks
  • Heat and light at the window attracts flies which then get stuck on the glued surface


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