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Windhager investing substantially and on course for success

The insolvency of the DIY chain Praktiker/Max Bahr a few months ago has cast doubt over the future of the sector. But it's a different story for the global DIY system supplier Windhager, which is making significant investments.


Press release, Thalgau 25 March 2014


It has been five years since the firm broke ground with the third phase of expansion to its Logistics Centre in Thalgau. Windhager is seeking to invest even more in 2014, this time around 7.5 million euros in expanding further at its site in Thalgau, Austria. "We're operating at maximum spatial capacity, in terms of both logistics and personnel," says the management team at the traditional Salzburg firm, established in 1983.


Windhager is aiming high. By the end of the year, it expects to have constructed a vast expansion to its warehouse, the basement for an entire area, a state-of-the-art logistics facility and semi-automated conveyor lines. At the same time, the company will be incessantly striving towards making delivery more efficient. The entire supply chain is being brought up to date, and supplemented with new staff in the Asian supplier countries of China, Vietnam, Korea and India.


Windhager's headcount has also risen in the last six months from 275 to a total of 290 employees, meaning that more office space is being provided to meet the growing personnel need.


It's not only the diggers that have been out in force. The company's range has also been expanded. Following the acquisition of the French company Venilia last year, Windhager has moved into the sheet and table cover sector of the French market, and expects an initial sales volume of around 10 million euros per year.


The core ranges of insect repellent, pest repellent, sun protection, garden tools and fences will continue to receive investment to ensure that customer loyalty remains strong and the product portfolio is constantly meeting current market needs.


The company's management team still sees the construction and DIY sectors as customer and future-oriented industries. "We want to lead by example and encourage the DIY sector to keep looking ahead in times of economic hardship, and invest in quality. After all, saving money and scaling back alone are no recipe for success," the company's management is convinced.


Thanks to investment and acquisitions, Windhager anticipates its turnover to continue to increase.



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