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Innovative products made from sheep‘s wool

Right in time for the beginning of the cold season, Windhager has supplemented its winter product range with a true natural gem – sheep’s wool. The novelties include high-quality and ecological protection mats, fleece blankets and cords for protecting pot and garden plants from the cold and frost.


Sheep’s wool is a renewable, natural raw material with excellent heat-insulating properties and is extremely breathable. The protection mat continues to insulate even when wet, as air cushions remain between the fibres.


The fleece blanket also has very good natural heat-insulating qualities and provides reliable protection for bushes, trees, pot and bucket plants against bad weather and drying out. It can absorb up to 33% of its weight in water, which is only released again very slowly. The fleece blanket is especially light and soft to the touch and therefore gentle to plants.


The soft sheep’s wool cord can be used for attaching winter protection products as well as for various decorative purposes.


All Windhager sheep’s wool products are environmentally-friendly as they are locally produced in Austria, and therefore do not have to be transported over long distances. This means that CO emissions are considerably lower than with imported products.


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