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Expanded and optimised garden animal product range

Windhager has expanded and completely renewed its entire insect hotel and nesting box range. The expertise of the Austrian Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union helped shape and optimise the new product design. Great store was placed on bringing useful as well as visually pleasing products for beneficial insects onto the market.


The nesting wood for wild bees was developed especially for wild bees. The different diameters of the holes allow various wild bee species, which are declining in the wild, to nest.


The box for lacewings provides safe winter quarters for lacewings, which in general are very useful for fruit and vegetable cultivation and are the natural enemy of aphids. The red colour attracts the insects through slat openings at the front and bottom, enabling easy access to the shelter. During very cold weather, the box can also be brought inside and placed in a cold room or the garden shed.


The nesting box 3 in 1 provides several bird species with a safe place to nest due to its interchangeable front panels. The pre-assembled front panel with a ø 28 mm entrance hole is suitable for birds such as blue tits, crested or coal tits. The second front panel attached to the bottom of the box with a ø 33 mm entrance hole was designed especially for great tits, nuthatches and common redstarts. The nesting box can, however, also be used by semi-hole breeders without a front panel. In this case, it is particularly suitable for wrens, wagtails and robbins etc.


The new “Panorama” bird feeder and “Sparrow” bird house are ideal for all bird lovers who want to add a splash of colour to their winter garden or windowsill.  Both are painted in cheerful colours - Sparrow comes in a bright red and vivid yellow, while the meadow green and orange Panorama  stands out in the white snow. Both are very easy to handle and compact and, therefore, fit onto any windowsill, however small.


With its increased and optimized product range, Windhager offers an up-to-date, environmentally-friendly and attractive garden animal product portfolio.




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